Metals to be Welded

Electrode Material Choice
A - Glidcop - 0.15% Al Oxide Dispersion Strengthened Copper. Long life, high strength electrodes primarily for welding resistive parts.

B - RWMA2 - Copper Chromium Alloy. Used for welding steels, nickel alloys, and other resistive parts.

C - RWMA3 - Copper Cobalt Beryllium Alloy. Used for welding resistive parts requiring high welding forces.

D - RWMA11 - Copper Tungsten Alloy. Used for welding cuprous and precious metals.

E - RWMA13 - Tungsten. Usually inserted into RWMA2 shank. Very hard. Used to weld non-ferrous metals such as copper and brass.

F - RWMA14 - Molybdenum. Usually inserted into RWMA2 shank. Used for welding copper, silver, gold, and their alloys.